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Chinese Herbal Medicine Database



this Database

This database contains information of more than four hundred types of commonly used Chinese medicinal (CM) herbs in Hong Kong. It provides pictures and an overview of the source, basic nature, action, usage and safety of the CM herbs. The database is a convenient herbal medicine informational platform for PolyU’s staff and students to quickly search the information needed, hence promoting the teaching and learning of traditional Chinese medicine. It allows health professionals and the public to search information and to compare different Chinese medicinal (CM) herbs.

Decoction pieces are the most common form of Chinese medicinal (CM) herbs on the market. This database  mainly contains images of decoction pieces, and some others are in the form of Chinese materia medica.

Decoction pieces are Chinese medicinal (CM) herbs that are processed or cut into pieces. They have different shapes such as strips, slices, blocks, pieces, sections, etc. Decoction pieces are usually sold in CM pharmacies or shops, where the public can buy them over the counter. The Chinese materia medica refers to raw materials that are dried but not being cut into special shape.

Based on traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine principles, indications of each herb are suggested. Literature is provided (where available) for further reading, and to substantiate claims and provide evidence of reported side effects from the use of herbs.