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Jave Brucea Fruit
Bruceae Fructus
Medicinal Group Heat-clearing and detoxicating medicinal

Dried ripe fruit of Brucea javanica (L.) Merr. (Fam. Simarubaceae)

Nature and Flavors bitter; cold; slightly toxic
Meridian Affinity Liver, Large intestine

To remove heat toxin, interrupt malaria, to relieve dysentery, and to cauterize vegetations



Part used



Dysentery , malaria; external use for wart, corn

Research Findings

  • Oral medication with oral Fructus bruceae oil could effectively improve the efficacy of radiotherapy in esophageal cancer, including a reduction in esophageal obstruction, and also reduce the side effects of radiotherapy[4]
  • Fructus Bruceae oil emulsion combined with chemotherapy can improve the cellular immune function and quality of life in patients with mid-late stage non-small cell lung cancer.[5]
  • Combination of ganji recipe and interventional therapy with Fructus Bruceae Oil Emulsion in treating advanced primary hepatic cancer could improve patients' quality of life, raise the 0.5- and 1-year survival rate, and prolong the survival time. [6]
  • Bronchial arterial infusion with oleum fructus bruceae Injection and chemotherapeutic agents in treating advanced non-small cell lung cancer could enhance the objective therapeutic effect of simple chemotherapy, as well as raise the quality of life  and protect immune and medulla function in patients.[7]


Can harm the gastrointestinal tract, liver and kidney. Do not use it in larger amounts, or for long periods. Contraindication or used with great caution in patients who have liver and kidney diseases

Report on adverse effect

Allergic reactions in topical application, anaphylactic shock [1, 2, 3]



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