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Natural Indigo
Naturalis Indigo
Medicinal Group Heat-clearing and detoxicating medicinal

Dried powder or mass prepared from the leaf or the stem and leaf of Baphicacanthus cusia (Nees) Bremek.、(Fam. Acanthaceae), Polygonum tinctorium Ait. (Fam. Polygonaceae) or Isatis indigotica Fort. (Fam. Cruciferae)

Nature and Flavors salty; cold
Meridian Affinity Liver

To remove heat toxin, cool blood, and relieve convulsion



Part used



Eruptive epidemic diseases; spitting of blood and epistaxis due to heat in the blood, chest pain and hemoptysis; ulcers in the mouth; mumps; pharyngitis, laryngitis; infantile convulsion

Research Findings

  • Refined indigo naturalis extract in oil (Lindioil) is a novel, safe and effective therapy for treating nail psoriasis.[1]
  • Indigo naturalis is a safe, inexpensive, and effective alternative topical treatment for skin and nail psoriasis.[2]
  • Indigo naturalis oil extract appeared to improve nail psoriasis.[3]
  • Topical application of indigo naturalis ointment may be a novel, safe and effective therapy for psoriasis.[4]
  • Topical indigo naturalis ointment was a novel, safe, and effective therapy for plaque-type psoriasis.[5]
  • Oral Qing-Dai (Naturalis Indigo) is effective for inducing remission in patients with moderate ulcerative colitis activity and can be tolerated.[6]


Use with great care in stomach cold



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